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Analysis of the development trend of hardware lock industry in 2014
rg: 2019-6-15 12:53:03c

Currently the lock industry in the fierce market competition has from the simple price competition transferred to the competition of the quality of the products, the importance of most enterprises truly realize the quality of the products. Therefore, strengthening the enterprise to carry out the detection ability of the standard ability and the quality of the products. There are a variety of representative test room, product testing center have been established, to improve the quality of lock products in China and lay a solid foundation, lock development also will appear in a several major trends.
The development of China's lock industry will appear eight trends
(a) the emphasis on product details, product quality excellence, from the details reflect consumer tastes, reflect the understanding of the connotation of the product.
(two) enterprises pay more attention to quality and brand: the connotation of the brand is the quality, durability, sustainable development of the crystallization; quality is the life of the enterprise.
(three) focus on product innovation and patent applications, enhance the core competitiveness, the protection of intellectual property is increasingly standardized. Yajie existing more than 200 patents, are still rising at an annual rate of about 25.
(four) attention to the user experience and product human nature. Developers from product applications, user demand, consumer habits of, to the existing market indoor lock has extensively studied, combined with factory doors senior industrial customer feedback, in the lock body function were new design to meet the needs of the family.
(five) locks and hardware complete solutions. The elegant has formed a smart locks, building door lock, door hardware, bathroom hardware a total of five categories of 18 series of complete product line. Yajie has always focused on lock core, supporting hardware products application system integration based on construction hardware, furniture hardware, has always been committed to become an expert in the lock industry.
(six) environmental protection and energy saving and safety. The serious call for environmental issues to more responsible producers of real action. Product is through the environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system certification; whether the gradual adoption of environmental protection electroplating process, reduce the use of cyanide, the 3 + chromium plating; electroplating wastewater treatment and electroplating industry standards for the discharge of pollutants is reached are manufacturers began to pay more attention to the problem.
(7) the application of biometric identification technology and the emergence of intelligent lock and intelligent hardware development of the common will to promote the locks and hardware application to a new height, the smart home of in the near future there will be likely to enter the homes of ordinary people.
At present, the technology and high content of science and technology of intelligent lock, password lock, IC card lock, fingerprint lock due to its unique convenience, as well as technical gradually mature, in the application market has gradually won recognition of the high-end consumer, and made a place. And the use of biometric technology fingerprint lock, more due to the uniqueness of the fingerprint, not copy, easy to carry, do not forget, do not lose the characteristics, has a more broad market prospects.
(eight) attention to the integration of culture and personality in the design of industrial design. On the market of the lockset metal styles, a wide variety, variety, but the real from the design began to a variety of cultural connotations, as a design concept into the does not see more. And try to explore the elegant hardware R & D team started working on it from a few years ago. Lock and its supporting hardware of the third trend is the development of application of biometric identification technology and the emergence of intelligent lock and intelligent hardware will jointly to promote the locks and hardware application to a new height, the smart home of in the near future there will be likely to enter the homes of ordinary people.
Prospective industry researcher pointed out that at present in our country has become the world largest locks producers and consumer, manufacturer mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong, in the layout of the category, which Wenzhou formed traffic lock manufacturing base, Zhongshan Siu Lam lock, padlock in Pujiang, Zhejiang Province mainly, the four become China's largest production base of the lock.

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